Cake Pops Galore!

One sweet trend happening at weddings right now is cake pops: either to replace traditional cakes, or to go alongside them as a separate snack. They can even be used as favors or used as a centerpiece as a festive treat at each table.

Cake pops are essentially cake batter or brownies baked into a lollipop shape rather than a traditional tiered cake. They can be rich or light, and come in a variety of colors and themes.

wedding cake pops wedding bride and groom chocolate My favorite are the ones dressed up as little brides and grooms. Here’s an excellent wedding cake pop set from Beau-coup that has great reviews:

Another place to go for these is thesweetsource - or you can find Etsy stores that make them, like SimplyDivineDesserts.



Here’s a smorgasboard of wedding cake pop ideas to consider, for all different seasons!

wedding cake pops wedding blue glass   yellow white chocolate cake pops wedding

wedding cake pops wedding favors{Source: How to Make 150 Cake Pops, ButtermeupBrooklyn}

wedding cake pops wedding pink white   wedding cake pops turquoise gold


winter-wedding-cake-pops-wedding-chocolate-jar   cake-pops-wedding-pink-chocolate-caramel-white

tiered-wedding-cake-cake-pops-step-by-step-tutorial-by-niner-bakes{Source: How to Make Tiered Wedding Cake Pops, NinerBakes}

wedding cake pops pink autumn colors basket   barn-autumn-cake-pops-wedding-rustic-jar

wedding cake pops red white ribbon winter

wedding cake pops display blue cake pops{Source:}

wedding-cake-pop-display-ombre-pastel       {Source: Cake Pop Display Ideas, ThePartyDress}

wedding-cake-pink-white-ceramic-centerpiece    pink and teal wedding-central-wedding             {Source: CakeCentral magazine feature}

Hope you enjoyed these! If you’re looking for cake pop displays, you can buy display tables or even tiered stands on Etsy.

What do you think the next trend will be? Pie pops?

wedding-pie-pops-blue-rustic-barn-wedding    wedding-pie-pops-teacup


{All images not credited are from Shutterstock Images.}

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