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Trendy Wedding Themes

Each year brings new trendy wedding themes. Having a wedding theme in mind can help guide every decision you need to make: the type of venue, your wedding dress style, your wedding colors, and the centerpieces or favors.

For example, you’d make very different decisions if you’ve decided on a rustic barn wedding vs a formal ballroom wedding. 

Are you thinking of having a wedding theme, but need some inspiration?

Check out these trendy wedding themes for 2014:
Vintage, Bollywood, Dramatic, Organic (Rustic), and Quirky!

2014 wedding themes trendy wedding themes{Source: and TraditionsOnline}

The key is to not overdo it: Use a theme to guide the planning of your day, but don’t feel like every detail needs to match the theme!

Mason Jars with Fun Straws

wedding mason jars birch straw

This fall I went to a barn wedding that featured drinks in mason jars. I have to say I’m a fan of the mason jar trend, and adding these paper straws with a birch tree pattern added a little something extra. It made the woodsy, rustic theme of the wedding come to life!

Here are a couple places that sell them: Anthropologie – Canadian Birch Straws; Amazon – Kikkerland Paper Birch Straws

Anthropologie birch straws

Also, the mason jars pictured above are 16-oz Ball wide-mouthed mason jars.

By the way, patterned straws could fit any season: you could find ones with candy stripes, polka dots, or a pattern specific to your wedding theme. Here’s some more paper straw inspiration.

patterned straws and mason jars{Image Source: Wedding in a Teacup 25-straw set }