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Even though Pinterest has become the de facto wedding planning collage site, sometimes you just want a physical place to keep track of all the things you pick up along the way: clippings from magazines, business cards from vendors, paper samples for invitations, and swatches for bridesmaid dresses, to name a few.

Here are our fave wedding planning organizers from Amazon:

Simple-Stunning-Wedding-Organizer-2Simple Stunning Wedding Organizer:
Planning Your Perfect Celebration
by Karen Bussen

This is our favorite wedding planning book. It’s organized into easy-to-navigate sections — and even has a free-form ‘design workshop’ area where you can tape in clippings, swatches, and things that inspire you. Each section has a plastic flap at the beginning so you can store loose items, and there’s a business card holder in the back. There’s also a place to list out gifts, and to plan out music selections. One watchout: The book itself has a small trim (roughly 9 x 9 inches), which is great when toting it around or saving it as a keepsake. However, this means it won’t fit full-size cutouts from magazines (or full 8 1/2 x 11 sheets) without you folding them.

tyingtheknot2Tying the Knot:
The Complete Wedding Organizer

by Sara Miller, Karen Berman, Rob Blackard

This organizer is light-hearted, manageable, and breaks things down into bite-size pieces. It’s a binder with a larger trim so it can fit 8 1/2 x 11 pages easily, and it has folders in each section. It begins with a budget planner and calendar to help you get organized, and includes a lot of places for vendor contact information. It also has cute planning tips scattered throughout the book to help you.

theknotwedding planner-3The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer
by Carley Roney

The Knot organizer has a more sophisticated feel compared to the other books. It includes a ‘Wedding Style Worksheet’ at the beginning where you can hone in on initial concepts (time of year for the wedding / time of day / atmosphere / colors). Then it has an inspiration section for adding clippings and photos.

It could use a few more folders and possibly a more realistic budgeting section, but it includes a bunch of photos for inspiration and helpful lists of questions to ask potential vendors.

Remember: Make sure to pick the organizer that resonates with you. It will be your constant companion for the next several months!

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