Top 5 Wedding Planning Sites

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You’ll want to have a few wedding resources bookmarked as you begin the process. Below are our recommendation for the top places to start:


This is one of the largest and robust wedding planning sites out there, so it gets our top pick. A few things to keep in mind when using TheKnot:

First, once you create your username, it’s pretty much set in stone and very difficult to change. So make sure you pick a username that you’ll want to keep! If you already created one you don’t like, you’ll have to email the member support team to delete it, and then create a new one.  (Keep in mind you’ll lose everything associated with your old account, including your wedding site if you already built one using the Knot or WeddingChannel).

After you create a username, a good place to start is the Wedding Tools area.  We’re especially fond of their wedding checklist as a great way to get started.

Lastly, don’t get overwhelmed! There’s a lot on TheKnot, so take things a step at a time. Only look at the sections you’re focusing on at that moment.


This site is a little less overwhelming than TheKnot, and the site has a clean, easy feel to it. If TheKnot has too much information for you, this might be a better place to start.

Wedding Wire is particularly good when it comes to wedding venues and vendors — and they have hundreds of thousands of reviews.

They also have fantastic lists of wedding songs for all the different segments of your wedding and reception (check out this example First Dance list).

3. Pinterest

If you don’t have a Pinterest account already, you should probably set one up and start pinning! You can set up an account either by using your email address or logging in with Facebook. Pinterest will allow you to create ‘boards’ (like folders) of great wedding ideas from around the web. You could set up one board for wedding dresses, another for flowers or centerpieces, another for favors, etc.


This is a great wedding resource for brainstorming and collecting early ideas.  They also happen to have an awesome, easy-to-use wedding website builder.

5. Buzzfeed

You’re probably thinking: Buzzfeed, really? On a wedding planning list? But you’d be surprised how many tidbits of awesome wedding advice can be found on Buzzfeed if you do a little digging. Here’s the best one we’ve found:

These Diagrams Are Everything You Need to Plan Your Wedding

Next Stop: The Bookstore

As helpful as all of these wedding sites are, consider dropping by a bookstore or magazine stand to pick up a stack of wedding mags to help get you motivated. It can give you great ideas, get you and your fiance excited about the big day, and give you the boost you need to get started on the planning.